I just wanted to write and tell you what a great time mike and I had on the day of fishing you took us on. I have been fishing for at least 25 years and thought I would never hire a guide to do fishing with, boy am I glad I did. I learned so much more than just where to find walleyes on Leach Lake. You showed me many different bait and rigging tactics, little things that I would have never thought of. I was also very impressed with the new knots you showed me all of which I am currently using. I also wanted to thank you for the spots you let me mark on my G.P.S. they have come in very helpful. I would recommend a day fishing trip with you to anyone I know. I am confident that they would not be disappointed. I sent a picture of a couple of the fish we caught that day. I can't wait until we go fishing with you on Mille lacs. Thanks again Ed.

Scott Hentges


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